A few words from our students and their parents:

This is what my daughter & I have observed with the content -

1. Explanation is very simple & lucid.

2. The content is very well structured - explanation of concepts peppered by small problems to help a child apply the concept, followed by an explanation for that also, so that a child can correct their concepts as they learn followed by solved examples from previous years.

3. The graphics are extremely well done & teach a student to visualize a problem & therefore the factors that need to be taken into account for solving the problem.

4. My daughter was intimidated by physics earlier but now when she sees problems being visually analyzed & broken down in a systematic manner, she is able to apply that thought process to other problems as she practices. I see her confidence with Physics now.
5. The content includes all previous years solved in a systematic manner with excellent graphics & therefore any doubts that a student might have on how to approach a problem set at an IIT level, is immediately resolved.

I must add that that I have very rarely been as impressed with any educational content as I have with Visual Physics. If only subjects were taught this way, we would't have students struggling through the critical years of education.

I hope that you can come up with similar content for Math, Chemistry & Biology soon.

Thank you & your team for coming with such excellent content! I am so glad that I came across your website as I was searching for resources for my daughter. A big thanks also to your team for being very cooperative every single time I have contacted them.

I wish your team good luck!
visual physics review

Vidya S, Parent

I hope you would be in the best of your professional zeal to make ‘nlytn’ the new landmark in teaching physics at 10+2 level.
I regret that I am late in writing a review for your product, though I had planned to do it at my earliest. So pardon me for this.

Here goes my two cents for your product:

Why did I purchase this ‘visual physics’ by nlytn?

My nephew, Mr Shyam Chaitanya is in class 12. He was regularly discussing physics with me and I found his initial enthusiasm for physics sometimes waning. His normal perception is usually superb. While interacting with him, I found that he was failing to imagine the physical objects, their motion and behavior. This was resulting in smudged picture of the problem in hand and thereby failure in solving the problem. My own experience of teaching physics to students gave me two points to consider:

1. Some students are visual learner; they always love to imagine things and learn better when they are shown models and diagrams. They don’t fail to imagine but rather they prefer to learn through diagrams.

2. Some students are poor at imagination. They fail to create the ‘picture of a ball’ when they listen the ‘word’ ‘ball’; they fail to imagine a cylinder as an assembly of cylindrical shell of gradually varying radius one inside the other. But once you show them by models and diagrams, their power of imagination is improved and with time, they start to create their own mind-pictures of the objects, as conjured by the word-picture made by the author in text books. I found my nephew in this category.

To aid the learning of my nephew, I was searching animations and then I came across this nlytn course. Within one month of continuously watching the animations provided by nlytn, Shyam showed his exhilaration – he has regained his joy of playing with physics. He has started creating his own imagination and posing original questions about the problems in hand. So, I thank you all.

What are my views?

1. Animations have never missed any important facet of the description; as a teacher, I salute this effort.

2. One of the most impressive things is the choice of question. Questions have been chosen very logically as they almost cover the entire plethora of problems floating in the market and yet do not overload the student. This becomes more important when nowadays market is literally flooded with numerous question banks, and DLPs from numerous coaching institutes, and each having few new and few common problems in them. So you guys have helped, us, guardians a lot.

3. Never in hurry. The voice over gives ample time to comprehension.

4. We are waiting for more of your ‘visual physics’, especially in optics and electronics. Don’t disappoint us.

I hope one day you are going to acquire a good place in this market. I have tried to share my experience with many of my colleagues who have their wards in this age group and with few students.

visual physics review

Isht Vibhu, Physics Lecturer

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